Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pāpā Kamano o Molokaʻi (a.k.a. Father Damien...With 2 Coloring Pages)

I am way behind on my blogging.  I think Saint Damien has waited long enough for a coloring page.  So I made him two to make it up to him. (Hoping for a Saint Marianne coloring page soon.)  Our most recent "real" and most exciting vacation was spent on the tiny Hawaiian Island of Kaua'i.  We had hoped to island hop so as to visit Moloka'i where Saint Damien spent the end of his life, however, time and finances did not permit.  As a result we had to be satisfied with images in churches of Father Damien, or Pāpā Kamano o Molokaʻi, as he is known in the Hawaiian language.  I do love this unique and fun to speak language.  It is full of syllables and it  makes one smile to speak it.  The first word I learned was the word, Aloha.  Everyone knows that word.  If you have not ever heard the word Aloha, you must be sleeping under a rock.  Just kidding! Here's The Aloha rock that we found.
While in Kaua'i we visited many of the Catholic Churches.  On Sunday we went to Mass at Immaculate Conception Church in Lihue.
I believe this was really  my most favorite experience during our stay.  It was a very emotional experience...in a happy kind of way.
Driving up to the church we noticed Our Lady's grotto.

I don't know this lady.
But I know this One.  Isn't she lovely?
I couldn't wait to go inside.
Here's a fuzzy close up of the altar:
The last supper is below.
We found Jesus crucified above the entrance of the church.  He seemed a little out of place there behind us...
Saint Joseph was there with blue-eyed Baby Jesus. I would have liked to paint Him some pupils... 
We saw the Sacred Heart. 
And Our Lady in a blue mantle.  She looks like an Art Deco Virgin Mary.
Saint Lucy with her plate of eyes.
The Little Flower was looking sweet and humble.
The Stations of the Cross were hand painted...
Saint Marianne is adorned with a lei.
And so is Father Damien.
Mass at Immaculate Conception includes free music before hand.   The music was so lovely.  Here is one song we heard.  It is number 36 in the hymnal.   Below is a video of a beautiful young woman singing the song. Some of the verses she sings are slightly different, but very beautiful.   Caution:  this song is addictive to listen to!!!
Outside, I could not resist a visit to the cemetery.
 That whitish smear on the cemetery picture is just a smear, not a ghost.  It rains a lot in Hawaii.  My camera lens stayed damp most of our time on the island.
 I found a Sweet Lamb.
 More blue eyes...only now on a cement tombstone angel.  No, I promise I did not alter its eyes...
Don't buy Noni juice.  Just come to Hawaii where you can pick the fruit off the ground! 
Here are some lovely flowers.  I wish I knew what these are.
I cried as we drove away from Immaculate Conception Church that day.  What a beautiful experience the music at Mass was.
On the flight home I made a coloring page of Father Damien. 
I decided to change it up a bit.  In my photo, Father Damien is pictured with Saint Joseph's Church, but in my coloring page I decided to depict Father Damien, or Papa Kamano with Saint Philomena Church in Kalaupapa.
To print the Papa Kamano coloring page, please click HERE

To print the Simple to Color Saint Damien Coloring Page,
Please click HERE.

You may know that Father Damien is now Saint Damien.  Saint Damien is considered  a martyr of charity.  That is, he selflessly put himself in danger and died as a result of assisting the spiritual, physical and psychological needs of the  people exiled to the Hawaiian Island of Moloka'i.  He offered himself up as a sacrifice.  That is love.
Father Damien was a member of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary which is why I have drawn him with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  Saint Damien is special to me because he helped people with leprosy, or as it is now called, Hansen's Disease.   When I was a child I remember hearing about the leper colony in Carville, Louisiana.  When I was in college and taking advanced microbiology, we visited Carville and met people who had leprosy.  They were not contagious.  Although leprosy once carried a terrible stigma, we now know that leprosy, or Hansen's Disease is caused by a bacteria.  It is now treatable.
You can read more about Saint Joseph Damien de Veuster HERE