Monday, April 27, 2015


I make a lot of mistakes when I write, but also when I draw.  I am so shocked that no one has corrected a very important mistake I made on one of my coloring pages.  Here is the original coloring page:
If you know your Catechism, you should be able to spot it.  I am so surprised that after this coloring page has been downloaded and printed out gazillions of times that no one had the charity to tell me.  Ha!  Ha! Get it?

So here is the new and corrected version of the Spiritus Sanctus coloring page:
To print a PDF version of this New and Corrected Holy Spirit coloring page, click HERE.

If you see an error in what I write or in the coloring pages that I make please feel free to point it out in a charitable way :-)

And please enjoy the New and Corrected coloring page of the Holy Spirit.